Monday, March 21, 2011

Mexican Standoff

I thought I'd be finished with the first border tonight, but it's already 7:30 and I'm still sitting here surfing the internet.  I wanted to have this quilt top finished by Friday so I could show it to DD#1 since it's her birthday. 

I want to miter the three borders.  I discovered I could sew all three borders together and then sew all three onto the quilt center at one time.  But here's where my "visual" learning is kicking me in the butt again.  I have been to three or four different sites reading the directions and I simply  And I want to get it.  I WANT TO GET IT!!

I figure sewing three strips of fabric together is totally simple.  Sew those three strips to each side of the quilt top.  Then I only have to miter one time.  One time.  Oh...the joy of hearing that.  Well, in this case, oh...the joy in reading that.

Have any of you done this?  Added multiple borders to your quilt top all at one time?  I've e-mailed one of the tutorial writers asking if she can talk to me on the telephone because my "visual" brain just doesn't understand.

I would so love to have all three borders on this quilt by the time I go to bed Thursday night.

Have you ever added all of your mitered borders at one time?  Any problems?  Horror stories?  I would love for this to be like a Fairy Tale.  ...And they lived happily ever after.  (that sounds really, really good)

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