Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are my feet in cement?

I'm still suffering from the sinus infection.  I need to get off my patootie and start working on those 9-patch blocks I told y'all about.  I wish I knew how to do that cool thing all of you in blog-land do where you say "I need to start working on those 9-patch blocks I told y'all about here" and then that little here takes you to the post where you told everybody about it.  I said I would make 4 blocks, and those blocks need to be in Debra's hands by March 15th. 

If you haven't already, go visit Debra at her website (see, there's another example - I wish I knew how to say "visit Debra's blog" and have that link show up) and pledge to make some 9-patch blocks.  I have absolutely no idea how in the world she is going to get all those blocks in her hands by the 15th of March.

And hopefully I don't wimp out on her.  My feet seem to be in cement.  And it's not like me to commit to something and not follow through.  That simply is not me.    Dang sinus infection.  I almost feel like that woman in that commercial on TV with the little wind-up doll where she's dealing with depression.   And no - I'm NOT dealing with depression.  But man, this dang sinus infection has knocked me to my knees.

My apologies to you 2 or 3 readers I have.  I know this is a boring post and I'm rambling.  I just need to deal with this.  I don't like feeling this way, and I need some documentation for me to look at later so I can know it was a valid problem and hopefully one I overcame.  Lord, please let me get some energy, pull my bootstraps up and take control of my life.  [and pssst...Lord, please let me get those finished 9-patch blocks to Debra by March 15th]


Aimee said...

Sinus infections are awful. I hope you feel better soon.
If you would like some help learning how to post a link, email me & I will try to walk you through it.


quiltzyx said...

When you are writing your post, just above the box where you type there are buttons to insert pictures, etc. One of the button says "link" - when you want to make a clickable link to another page or website or blog, you just have to click the 'link' button, at the top, type in what you want to show in your blog (ie: Debra's blog), then put the URL where it says 'web address' (you know, the stuff) then click "OK". There you are, a nice link to go somewhere else!
Take care of yourself!

Barbara said...

Boy, do I know that feeling of feet in cement?! It's almost like a nightmare where you want to run but can't move. Maybe what you need is to just give in and heal. More productive days are coming! I'm looking forward to those blocks when they do. Feel better!

Stray Stitches said...

Sinus infections are no fun. Take care of yourself - those blocks will get made when you feel better.