Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jeez - when did I get so old?

Still not much going on in my life - I'm still having to take it easy.  My injured ankle has almost healed, but now I'm having back problems.  I ended up at the doctor's office twice in one week.  The medication they gave me (4 different prescriptions) don't do anything to relieve the pain.  They make me stupid and groggy.  So I go to work each day without taking anything for the pain.  I come home, eat dinner, take a shower, take a handful of pills, and zonk myself out for the night.  When the weekends come around, I overload on pain pills all week long.  Last Sunday - I might have been awake 4 hours all day long.  When I woke up, I'd do the bare minimum, and if I had more pain, I'd take a handful of pills and go back to bed.

I've got an appointment next week to have my back x-rayed.  They think I may have fractured/broken a rib when I had my fall.  Wow!  When did I get so old? 

I am soooo ready to get healthy and feel better.  I've made the first step.  I went to a "Cooking Healthy" class my insurance company sponsors.  But I cook only for myself, and that's no fun.  Next?  When I finally get my health back, I'm going to sign up for Zumba, Yoga and Weight Watchers.  I tremble at that last one.  I can't do those first two until I get my ankle back in shape.  And I'm working on getting my nerves up for Weight Watchers.  I've never had to worry about my weight until I had a hysterectomy, and after that, the weight just piled on.  In my opinion, I need to lose about 75 pounds. that I've spilled the beans on all that, I'm going to close this post.  It was really scary just putting all this down on paper.  Because now I feel like I've made a commitment. 

I can't wait until I find out about my back.  The doctor said there was nothing they can do if I have fractured or broken a rib - I can only have pain pills (which don't work).  But I still want the x-rays.  I want to know exactly what is wrong.  Because if I haven't injured my ribs, then there's something else wrong, and we can start working on finding out what the problem is.

Jeez - when did I get so old??

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm probably doing a lot of damage...

Ankle Update:  It’s still hurting from my fall on September 5th, but I can tell there is progress every day.  By the time I get home from work, all I want to do is elevate my foot, so no progress has been made on any sewing projects.  I don’t miss sewing, and that concerns me.  I’m hoping the quilt bug will bite me and I’ll be ready to sew once my ankle cooperates.  Please Lord!

Now, as far as the damage I may be doing:  I know I’m a blogaholic (is that even a word?)

I knew I had a problem with the number of blogs I subscribe to, because I asked questions about Google Reader here.

I went to visit family over the weekend, and had 1,200+ blog updates to read when I returned.  All of that in only three days.  Three.  Days.  OMG!  I knew I had been spending too many hours each evening reading blog updates.

I've been busy “unsubscribing” to blogs since yesterday.  And I'm tired. 

So - for the 36 of you that follow me, please let me know if I have unknowingly unsubscribed to your blog.  Because I'm starting to go a little crazy with this unsubscribe business, and I've decided I'm going to whittle this down (hopefully) to a small number of blogs, and that's (hopefully) where it will stay. 

In the meantime, I'll be busy for the next few days.  Because I know I unsubscribed to some blogs last night, but yet I'm having updates from them today and they're back in my Google Reader listing.  I know I unsubscribed at the GFC button on their blog (or on the Blog Management page within my blog), and I also unsubscribed with the drop-down within Google Reader.  So evidently something isn't working right.  Dear Lord, please tell me I haven't devoted all of these hours to unsubscribe and it hasn't worked. 

Guess I better scoot so I can see what's going on -- wish me luck!