Monday, February 28, 2011

9-Patch Blocks Needed!!!!

Debra from Debra's Design Studio needs your help.  She wants to make yet another quilt for the American Cancer Society (the one she submitted last year brought in $1,500 during the silent auction).  And she's asking for volunteers to make the blocks (they need to be to her by March 15th).  Would you be willing to help?  Even one block is greatly appreciated.  If so, please visit Debra at her website , read the requirements and leave her a comment letting her know which blocks you'll make.  What a great contribution to the American Cancer Society.  Spead the word! 

I'm under the weather

Had plans to go visit a bloggy friend yesterday (Sunday) and was really looking forward to it.  We had met because one of us left a comment on the other's blog, then we found out we lived within 30 minutes of each other, then we found out we were near the same age, and we both go out of town almost every other weekend to take care of a loved one that is bedridden in another city.  We'd been trying to get a date established, and finally were both in town yesterday, so we had a plan!   I had been looking forward to it all week like a child anticipating Christmas.  But then...illness struck!  I woke up Saturday morning feeling pretty cruddy.  I'm normally an early riser, and as usual, I was up around 5:30.  But oh me, my throat was killing me.  It felt like I had swallowed broken glass.  And the left side of my face was killing me, I felt like I had mumps, and my left ear was stopped up and throbbing.  I just changed insurance companies in January, and haven't gotten sick on the weekends before, so started calling co-workers that had given me positive feedback on this insurance company.  [BTW - this insurance company has buildings throughout the city that their doctors are located in, and you go to their doctors for the best prices otherwise, you pay a higher price for going outside their circle of doctors.]  I finally got an appointment for 5PM Saturday afternoon and found out I had a severe sinus infection, my throat was raw from sinus drainage and both of my ears were inflamed.  All I've done all day Saturday and Sunday and lie in the bed and sleep.  Thankfully I have a job that allows me to telecommute two days a week, so instead of going in to the office today, I worked from home.  Thank goodness.  Because I certainly didn't want to get up, showered and dressed, and drive to work.  I'm down and out for today, but will hopefully get the urge to blog some more tomorrow.  I tend to enjoy reading all of your blogs, and never want to post anything on mine.  All of you out in blogland rock!!  Totally.  (Oh man, that's so lame when a 57 year old woman talks like that.  Forgive me.)

Well, our bad weather has just started.  Guess it's best if I get off here right now. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Silhouette Giveaway

The Domestic Diva’s Disasters Blog is having an awesome Silhouette SD Electronic Cutting Machine Bundle GIVEAWAY!!!  This machine is pretty darned awesome (you can cut paper, vinyl and even FABRIC with it) and the giveaway bundle is amazing. AMAZING. You’ve only got until Sunday to enter, though, so head on over there and enter for your chance to win!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Huge "Thank You" to Linda at Stray Stitches

No words can express my appreciation to Linda at  Stray Stitches for posting about my Dieter Quilt on her blog.  I've had several suggestions for the border, and hope to try some of them out this weekend.  This quilt has been a UFO for too many years, and I'm ready to finish it and smile at a project that's been set aside entirely too long. 

I can't thank Linda enough.  Such a sweet, sweet woman.  Isn't bloggy land wonderful?  I know I had commented on Linda's blog one time and told her that if I had to narrow down the number of blogs I read, I would make hers the winner.  I keep meaning to ask her if she was an English major.  I get excited when I see a new posting from her, and love the format of each post she has.  I feel as though I'm sitting there right beside her sipping a cup of tea.  Maybe I can figure out how she does it.  For now, you're stuck with these writing abilities I have that are sadly lacking.

Hopefully I'll make progress on the Dieter quilt this weekend.  One comment I got was to use multi-colored striped fabric for the border to pull all the colors from the center of the quilt into the border.  The other comment came from another "Linda" and she gave me the math on how to figure out the size of the flying geese.  So...I'm going to try both methods this weekend and see if I can make a decision.  If I can't, I'll be out hollering for help again.

Friday is almost here, so get ready for a wonderful weekend.   Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rotary Cutters only $1.49 - for TWO!!!!

Saw this posted over at Freckled Whimsy and thought it was worth sharing.  KarrieLyne (Freckled Whimsey) heard about this from  Kenna Quilts so head on over to Freckled Whimsy ( ) and check it out!!!    

Here's where you can see the info about the rotary cutters.  Harbor Freight Tools (click the name and it takes you right to the blades) and you will find the blades that will fit the 45mm Olfa cutter.

I'm going to find me a Harbor Freight right away!!!  Wooo-Hoooo!!!  Definitely want to buy these in the store and not on-line.  However...if you're buying something big on-line from Harbor Freight at the same time you're buying this, you can use coupon code "save10" and save a few pennies (but really only a few pennies).

Giveaway at Hilchas

HP’s new TouchSmart 310 computer Giveaway at Dear Chrissy

Win a Laptop!
I just entered a great giveaway at Dear Crissy and I wanted you to know about it, too.  Crissy has done a review of HP’s new TouchSmart 310 computer and one of her readers will win one, too!  I love the big touch-screen and the slim profile!  I sure could use a computer.  The one I use is issued to me by my office, and the things I can do on it are limited.  I can't download my photos, I can't insert a memory stick or a USB.  I can't save personal documents in the folders, so trying to store photos is out of the picture.  And don't even mention the "firewalls".  So this computer would be perfect for me.  But I'll still share this giveaway with you!   And I'll be just as happy if you win!  Well...maybe "almost" as  happy! 

The giveaway ends on March 13 and you won’t believe all the entry possibilities.  “Throw your name in the hat” for this random drawing, as many times as you can.  I can’t wait to see who wins!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've been MIA

There's nobody out in blog-land that would be missing me.  I'm a new "test" blog and I can't seem to catch on to the role of a blogger.  I love reading the blogs out there in blog-land, but I can't seem to embrace the task of writing a post.  I don't know why - I am so in love with blog-land.  I read and read and read blogs.  So why can't I write and write and write for my own blog?  Wow, I just re-read that, and in those few sentences, I said the word "I" eight time.  EIGHT. 

I haven't sewn a thing in weeks, and I can't seem to dig deep inside myself and find the desire.  Hopefully my daughter will get those last three quilt blocks back to me and we can decide on the fabric for the sashing, borders and backing and I can get that calendar quilt back on the drawing board. 

I've touched base with a few quilters near where I live, and may be going to a quilt guild meeting soon.  I know that's part of my problem - I'm not a solitary quilter.  I need a friend to quilt with, and hopefully if that happens, I can get the quilt bug and feel like I'm contributing something. 

I hope Cheryll doesn't feel like I've totally walked away from this blog she set up for me.  What a disappointment I am.  C'mon, I'll get better.  I promise.

I've been MIA.  And nobody knows but me.

Giveawayat "Sew Happy"

Doll Babies by Henry Glass

Ends Feb. 23

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Giveaway at Stray Stitches

Tomorrow is the last day for registering for the giveway at Stray Stitches.  Stop by and take a chance!  Look at the lovely fabrics -- so yummy.  This giveaway will end on Monday, February 21st at 11:59 PM PST.  She will announce the winner on Tuesday, February 22nd.  This fabric line is called Cute As A Button by Ro Gregg for Northcott Studio.  The far left piece is a 2 yard cut of fabric.  The other 6 pieces are 1/2 yard cuts each.  That is a total of 5 yards of fabric.  If you like geraniums then you will love this fabric. 


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Plushka's Craft is celebrating 300 'likers' on their FB page.  To celebrate she is giving away 1 yard of linen/cotton/rayon ribbon of your choice, a half yard of Japanese fabric with Russian dolls, and a cute fat quarter with cakes.  This giveaway ends Friday, February 18th

Pigtails and Quilts is having a Quilters Depot giveaway.  You could win 4th Quarter Bag Kit with everything you need to make the bag from Silk Road Creations! She has also included 3 extra goodies... a seam ripper, an ink pen, and one other goodie.

Ends sometime today... HURRY!