Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Huge "Thank You" to Linda at Stray Stitches

No words can express my appreciation to Linda at  Stray Stitches for posting about my Dieter Quilt on her blog.  I've had several suggestions for the border, and hope to try some of them out this weekend.  This quilt has been a UFO for too many years, and I'm ready to finish it and smile at a project that's been set aside entirely too long. 

I can't thank Linda enough.  Such a sweet, sweet woman.  Isn't bloggy land wonderful?  I know I had commented on Linda's blog one time and told her that if I had to narrow down the number of blogs I read, I would make hers the winner.  I keep meaning to ask her if she was an English major.  I get excited when I see a new posting from her, and love the format of each post she has.  I feel as though I'm sitting there right beside her sipping a cup of tea.  Maybe I can figure out how she does it.  For now, you're stuck with these writing abilities I have that are sadly lacking.

Hopefully I'll make progress on the Dieter quilt this weekend.  One comment I got was to use multi-colored striped fabric for the border to pull all the colors from the center of the quilt into the border.  The other comment came from another "Linda" and she gave me the math on how to figure out the size of the flying geese.  So...I'm going to try both methods this weekend and see if I can make a decision.  If I can't, I'll be out hollering for help again.

Friday is almost here, so get ready for a wonderful weekend.   Enjoy!

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