Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've been MIA

There's nobody out in blog-land that would be missing me.  I'm a new "test" blog and I can't seem to catch on to the role of a blogger.  I love reading the blogs out there in blog-land, but I can't seem to embrace the task of writing a post.  I don't know why - I am so in love with blog-land.  I read and read and read blogs.  So why can't I write and write and write for my own blog?  Wow, I just re-read that, and in those few sentences, I said the word "I" eight time.  EIGHT. 

I haven't sewn a thing in weeks, and I can't seem to dig deep inside myself and find the desire.  Hopefully my daughter will get those last three quilt blocks back to me and we can decide on the fabric for the sashing, borders and backing and I can get that calendar quilt back on the drawing board. 

I've touched base with a few quilters near where I live, and may be going to a quilt guild meeting soon.  I know that's part of my problem - I'm not a solitary quilter.  I need a friend to quilt with, and hopefully if that happens, I can get the quilt bug and feel like I'm contributing something. 

I hope Cheryll doesn't feel like I've totally walked away from this blog she set up for me.  What a disappointment I am.  C'mon, I'll get better.  I promise.

I've been MIA.  And nobody knows but me.

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Stray Stitches said...

Have you thought of joining a sew or quilt along? Or maybe a block swap. There are some great ones out there and it helps to feel like you are not quite so alone in your quilting.