Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm under the weather

Had plans to go visit a bloggy friend yesterday (Sunday) and was really looking forward to it.  We had met because one of us left a comment on the other's blog, then we found out we lived within 30 minutes of each other, then we found out we were near the same age, and we both go out of town almost every other weekend to take care of a loved one that is bedridden in another city.  We'd been trying to get a date established, and finally were both in town yesterday, so we had a plan!   I had been looking forward to it all week like a child anticipating Christmas.  But then...illness struck!  I woke up Saturday morning feeling pretty cruddy.  I'm normally an early riser, and as usual, I was up around 5:30.  But oh me, my throat was killing me.  It felt like I had swallowed broken glass.  And the left side of my face was killing me, I felt like I had mumps, and my left ear was stopped up and throbbing.  I just changed insurance companies in January, and haven't gotten sick on the weekends before, so started calling co-workers that had given me positive feedback on this insurance company.  [BTW - this insurance company has buildings throughout the city that their doctors are located in, and you go to their doctors for the best prices otherwise, you pay a higher price for going outside their circle of doctors.]  I finally got an appointment for 5PM Saturday afternoon and found out I had a severe sinus infection, my throat was raw from sinus drainage and both of my ears were inflamed.  All I've done all day Saturday and Sunday and lie in the bed and sleep.  Thankfully I have a job that allows me to telecommute two days a week, so instead of going in to the office today, I worked from home.  Thank goodness.  Because I certainly didn't want to get up, showered and dressed, and drive to work.  I'm down and out for today, but will hopefully get the urge to blog some more tomorrow.  I tend to enjoy reading all of your blogs, and never want to post anything on mine.  All of you out in blogland rock!!  Totally.  (Oh man, that's so lame when a 57 year old woman talks like that.  Forgive me.)

Well, our bad weather has just started.  Guess it's best if I get off here right now. 

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quiltzyx said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! I know that creepin' crud has been going around....