Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's been a month since I've posted anything

I haven't talked about my job much on my blog.  I'm a Budget Analyst and work for a government agency.   Our money is received based on a budget fiscal year versus the annual year.  So for all intents and purposes, all our money expires on 30 September each year.  Since I'm a Budget Analyst, things get really busy this time of year.  So here recently, my time has not been my own.  I've been working Saturdays and Sundays, and when I do finally get to come home, I'm exhausted and don't feel like doing much.  I've been reading all of your wonderful blog updates, but just simply haven't taken the time to post anything new to my blog.

Don't give up on my please.  When I finally get back to this blog, I'll have plenty to say.  Here's a quick recap of some things that are going on:

I've got a win-win situation going on with my mentor/longarm quilter in Texas.  She made up some quilt "kits" along with layouts, mailed them to me, and I'll make the quilt flimsies based on the designs she sent.  I'll be getting experience piecing (and hopefully glean some tips on how to pick colors/fabrics which I totally suck at), and then I'll mail them back to her, and she'll sandwich, quilt, and donate them to one of her charities.  That's where the "win-win" comes in.  I gain experience.  She gets quilt tops to donate.  So far, I've only completed one of the four quilt "kits" she sent me. 

Remember I won the Accuquilt Go! Baby?  I've already received it, and believe it or not, I haven't even taken it out of the box.  My mentor/longarm quilter in Texas also sent me a box of scraps from the 70's or 80's that she said I can use while practicing with my Go! Baby.  Darn, I just need to find the time!

I have an "angel" that mailed me some wonderful fabric.  Not because I won anything.  But because she's an "angel".   New fabrics.  Beautiful new fabrics.  Fat Quarters.  Charm Packs.  Lovely, lovely fabric.  And I've got thread.  How wonderful!   

My work won't slow down until November.  Well...at least, totally slow down.  Once it does, I'll be able to spend time "playing" with the Go! Baby and then my new fabrics can be used to make something breathtakingly beautiful.  Not sure it'll be THAT great, but at least I hope to make something beautiful.

Hang in there for me.  I hope to eventually get this blog up and going.  I hope to have photos, and projects to share. 

In the meantime, like I said, I've been reading everything you've been doing.  And I've been trying to leave comments when I can.

November....ahhh....I can't wait.