Saturday, March 19, 2011

Exciting news - to me

My daughter and I spent about 4 hours at the LQS.  We bought all the fabric I need to finish up the lap-size calendar quilt.  Having 12 monthly blocks that measure 8-1/2" X 11" (unfinished) doesn't give us much width and length, so we had to get a bit creative in order to make the quilt top larger.   We're putting sashing between the monthly blocks and we'll use that same fabric to make a "frame" around the 12 months.  We'll then put THREE borders on, and hopefully the advice we got from the lady at the shop is true.  I'm sure there are "rules" for the size of the borders, but we went with what she suggested, so hopefully it works and I won't have to unstitch, buy more fabric and then re-sew.

And hopefully I'll have a laptop soon so I can post photo of what I'm doing.  For those of you who don't know, the computer I use is a work-issued laptop.  My personal laptop got a reeeaaaalyy bad worm/virus and after taking it to two technicians, I was told it was basically trash.  But I don't have the money to buy a new one, so for the time being, I'm deeply grateful I was issued a laptop since I work from home two days a week.  Since this work-issued laptop won't allow me to download photos, I have no way to display photos in my posts.  That makes for a boring blog.  <sigh>  Maybe one day I can get a laptop.  For now, it's not even on the horizon.'s time for me to get in the sewing room and force myself to start cutting the fabric.  That's always hard for me to do.  But I'll see my daughter again on Friday (it's her birthday), and I'd love to have some progress to show her on her quilt.  She has picked every single fabric out for this quilt.  And I can tell's must easier to pick fabrics out and gift the quilt than it is to have someone pick their own fabrics out.  Especially when it's a quilt that has so many different colors in it like this one has.

Time to put some cheerful music on and head to the sewing room.  It's gonna be a long night.  Hopefully a productive one.


Hi I'm Misty. said...

Hi Deborah,
I wonder if you could solve your laptop problem by using an external hard drive (one of those back up drives from best buy for 60 bucks that plugs into your computer). You could plug it into your work laptop and download your pics to the drive and not to the computer. I do this with my work computer, but I dont know what kind of blocks they set up on yours. Then when you upload a photo you choose the external drive. Also great for backing up your photos, etc in case of a computer crash.

Barbara said...

In spite of no photos, you go girl! I'll still Follow along. :)

Val said...

I would love to see pics too but I also just love hearing about your progress. Thanks for visiting my blog!