Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finally feeling better and a little something

After three days of feeling like I was going to fall face first on the floor from the pressure from the sinus infection, I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better.  I worked from home again today, and what a day it was.  You know how some things just kinda sorta get on your nerves when you deal with them on a daily basis and you just shrug them off?  And then you get to feeling a little bad, and those same things just drive you up the wall?  Well, I've been overloaded with all those little things the last few days.

I finally got up enough gumption to look through fabrics and try to start sewing.  I'm learning I don't know how to keep up with UFOs, because some of them, I have no idea what the fabrics are (and how does one find out?), and I didn't necessarily keep the patterns with the UFOs (so how the heck do I figure out what pattern I was using?) and Lord have mercy, all the magazines, and books, and patterns.  And then all the fabric.  No matter how I try to get it organized, I never seem to quite get it the way I want it.  But I'm trying.  I'm watching all of you out there in bloggy land and I'm gonna find one of you that hits on just what I'm missing and I'm gonna grow up and be a "big girl".

I think I'm going to try to make a goal of working on something each week.  Maybe not necessarily each day (which is what I initially was going to say), and it won't matter what I work on, just that I work on something.  It could be a block from the calendar quilt, or maybe the panel I bought that needs to be "tweaked" so it no longer looks like something for Valentine's Day, and I know I've got a Turning Twenty UFO (now where is it??). 

I'm hoping to get back into sewing.  It's been entirely too long.  And you know what would make my life easier?  A GO!  Or maybe a GO! Baby.  If you think you'd like one too, why don't you go take a chance too?  No date was given as to when the giveaway ends, so go enter the contest quick!  Don't miss your chance.   http://www.pleasant-home.com/2011/03/wonky-star-baby-quilt-little-somthin.html

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Stray Stitches said...

I have found the best way to accomplish a goal is not to make it too big. Simple is better.
Thanks for the link to the GO! Baby giveaway.