Saturday, June 25, 2011

Support our Troops - Send coupons

I received an e-mail from a friend in Germany today.  In that e-mail was the below (which is verbatim).  Please take note that coupons overseas are good for six months after their expiration date.

Please share this information with others as appropriate, particularly folks in the US who may not use all or have expired coupons to send along in support of the overseas military families.

The Army Community Service office in Kaiserslautern, Germany, has a coupon program to help benefit US military families in the area on their purchases at the local military commissary. Coupons are sent in from individuals and organizations back in the US to help the families save money on their food and other purchases. The commissaries benefit too by receiving a processing fee on all redeemed coupons (and that potentially saves all taxpayers).  PLUS, most coupons are good for up to six months after their expiration
dates in the US. So, no need to throw away expired coupons back home, just send them along for the ACS program over here.

The mailing address is:

US Army Garrison - Kaiserslautern (which can be abbreviated USAG-K)
Army Community Service
Unit 23152
APO AE 09227

Normal US postage may be used. (No need for international stamps.)
Thank you for your support.

Note from me:  I remember shopping at the Commissary in Heidelberg.  When I walked in the front door, there was a box full of coupons.  Many of us would stand at the counter and sort through that box to see if we could find coupons for purchases we planned to make.  Unless we subscribed to the local paper from "home", we had no way to get coupons unless it was out of magazines.  Postage to mail your coupons is minimal because you are not paying to mail to a Europe address.  You are paying to mail to a US address.   So please support our troops overseas.  This costs no money on your part (other than postage).  Just grab extra coupon flyers from the grocery store when you visit the next few times.  Or throw your expired coupons to the side.  When you've got a stack, mail them off.  Or send a shout-out to friends and family and get a large collection and put them in a manila envelope.  Or send out a shout out to your bloggy friends.  Do it.  For the troops.  So get out there and spread the word.  Please.


Debra Spincic said...

That's interesting that the commissary now accepts coupons. Times have certainly changed from the 60-70s when my family shopped the commissary.

quiltzyx said...

I learn something new every day!

I will certainly spread the word about this, and will be happy to send along any coupons I come across. Our military families can certainly use all the assistance we can give them!