Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is this crazy or what???

Our condo unit had a 'get-together' at the clubhouse this evening.  The condos used to be apartments back in the 80's, so they're freestanding units, four units to each building. 

I don't know many of the residents here.  I don't venture outside after I get home every day...I come inside, change into my pj's (if I'm lucky), sit down and start reading blogs, or do a little housework, then sit down and start reading blogs.  Gotta keep my priorities straight, ya'know?

So anyway, I didn't really know anybody at the get-together.  I’m just walking around speaking to this one and that one, trying to figure out where they lived and explaining to them where I lived.  One of the men I was talking to had super-duper white teeth.  So I made a comment about how white his teeth were, and he said he just had that whitened last week in Brazil.  My reply?  "Holy cow, what in the heck were you doing in Brazil?"  He said he was a pilot for XYZ Airline.  That was my opening to talk about what I did on Friday.  "I just went to a flight attendant open house Friday , but I didn't make it”.  His reply?  I wish I had known!!!  I could have given you a letter that would have put you three steps ahead of everybody else.  I told him I couldn't go back and apply again for six months, so we exchanged e-mail addresses and he's going to give me a letter the next time I apply.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.   He’s always been by my side.  And He’s done some awesome things for me.  Isn’t He wonderful?


rubyslipperz said...

THUMBS UP!! and my fingers are crossed! I'm wishing you bundles and bundles of good luck!


Holly said...

Yay Mr. White teeth! Get that letter girl, it must be meant to be.

quiltzyx said...

And the world gets smaller & smaller....
How are you doing on studying & learned all those mysterious airport codes?

BTW, I do the same thing when I get home! So if I need to run an errand, I'd better do it BEFORE I get home, or it won't get done today! lol