Saturday, June 25, 2011

I've done it - I bought a laptop

I've loaded Norton Antivirus, and other than a quick e-mail to my daughter to tell her it was up and running, this is the first thing I've done.  Yep, I have my priorities straight!  My daughter was my go-to person when I was trying to figure out what to buy.  I'm clueless about all these giga's and mega's and all.   You might as well be talking Greek when you talk to me about that stuff.

So - hopefully I'll figure out how to download the software for my camera, and then the photos from my camera.  I have some of you saved under my favorites, and I'll have to get those off the work-issued laptop, so I can "reach out and touch you" when my heart desires.

It's gonna be a slow process.  Because I'm such a doofus with this electronic stuff. 

My family gets so frustrated with me because it takes me so long to make decisions.  I've been talking about getting new cell phones, changing cell phone plans, and changing internet/cable providers for months and months and months.  Seriously - at least six months.  I just never seem to make a decision.  I've been talking about getting a new laptop for over a year.  Yep.  Sad, but true.  A year.

I've already seen things that are different with this laptop, and it's going to take this 58-year old woman some time to find out how to maneuver around.  God help me.

But needless to say, I'm so excited ! 


Shay said...

That's great Deb! Have fun playing with yoru new toy. Im sure you'll be zooming around your computer in no time.

I cant wait to see if this results in an increase in your posts!

quiltzyx said...

Congrats on your new "baby" Deb!
I KNOW you will do fine with it, I just KNOW it!

Most of all...HAVE FUN!