Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have I lost my mind???

I'm 58 years old.  I have a full-time job.

I wanted to be a stewardess when I was 20 years old (now they're called 'flight attendants').  My boyfriend (later my husband, now my ex-husband) said if I became a stewardess, he wouldn't date me any more.  So I didn't pursue my dream of becoming a stewardess.  Like yeah  -   love IS blind! 

 So why am I telling you that?  Well....because I've taken the day off work tomorrow.  I'm going to an Open House to be interviewed for a position as a flight attendant.   YIKES!!!!

I understand it's grueling.  Many, many questions dealing with thinking 'outside the box', how to handle situations, multi-task and handle customer problems.  And who knows what else?

My problem?  I'm not a good test-taker.  I freeze up when you put me in an interview situation.  I freeze up taking pen and paper tests.  I freeze up and many times wouldn't be able to tell you my own address.

But oh, I want this so bad.  And I don't even know if I have a chance at all.  From what I've read on-line (I haven't found a phone number to be able to talk to a real live person), if you make it through the interview and are selected, you then go through 21 days of intensive training.  Memorizing airport codes, announcements, etc.  So...does that mean they wouldn't hire a person that has a full-time job?  I wanted to start working part-time (my understanding is I can pick/choose my own flight days - but I could have been misled by someone about that), and then once I felt comfortable being a flight attendant and knew it was REALLY something I wanted to do for a long time, then I'd put in my retirement papers.   I'm not even sure if they'll hire me since I already have a full-time job.  I don't know that I'll be able to work the grueling hours/shifts they'll want me to work.  So I may be wasting their time.

I will admit I was a bit surprised when I found something about the starting pay for a flight attendant.  Believe me, I was totally surprised.  But I'm not pursuing this for the money.  I wanted this 38 years ago.  And I want it now.  It is a dream I never forgot.

I had told myself I wasn't going to share this on my blog.  But you know what?  That's one of the good things about having a blog.  I can throw my dreams out there to all of you, and you stand behind me. You're my extended family.  All 21 of you.  ~smile~

  So, if you would, please think of me tomorrow.  Send a few thoughts my way.  My family is supporting me in all of this, and I'm thinking if I am fortunate enough to be selected, this would give me the second career I've always wanted to have.  One that is "fun". 

Have I lost my mind????

I hope not.


Wendy said...

Oh God Bless you Deborah and I will so be thinking of you and praying for you tomorrow ... it's your dream and you should always, always strive for your dream. Fingers crossed ... you Go Girl!!

rubyslipperz said...

Ok...I'm holding your dream in my thoughts and crossing my fingers! I hope all goes well. but, ya know what...don't give up...if it doesn't all go well the first time. sometimes its the preserverence that actually ties a string to our dreams and brings down to our reality!


Beena said...

I will definitely send some thoughts your way! And I don't think you've lost your mind. I once interviewed for a flight attendant's position. I think I would have gotten it, too, except part of the interview process was getting up in front of the room of all the other applicants and speaking (which I hadn't known). Not so bad, except there was this guy there I knew (and liked) who was totally gorgeous, and I just froze up and bumbled through my introduction of myself and why I wanted the job. (laughing)

quilthexle said...

Now there alre already 23 standing behind you and cheering ;-)) Reading your post made me gasp - because in my opinion, you don't have lost your mind, you're superbrave !! Considering to change your career is always a big challenge - and to do this after 38 years of "not-following-your-dream" is just - cool? Whatever - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you !!!

Holly said...

No, you haven't lost your mind! I am so impressed that you are doing this. It's a tough job, I don't think people realize the training that is involved. My daughter was a flight attendant for a while. I remember doing flash cards with her for the airport codes. The medical training was tough too. You will be amazing, don't you worry about that! Good luck today and please let us know how it goes. I'm glad you shared this with us.

Barbara said...

OMG -- me too! Wanted to be, but never was. Still married to my high school boyfriend and he's about to retire, so I think it will have to be in another lifetime. ;) You go, girl, for the both of us, and I hope to hear that you have come full circle and been selected. Perhaps it will make you feel 20 all over again!

quiltzyx said...

That is a TERRIFIC thing to do Deb! Since it's about 4pm your time now, I hope your interview was just like talking to us - easy peazy cuz' we're on YOUR side!