Monday, May 16, 2011

Lady Luck is shining on me

Riley Blake Isabella Charm Pack 


Wow what a winning streak I'm on.  And hey, at least by winning these prizes, I can post photos.  Yippee!!

Here is what I've either already received, or I've got coming my way.  This is so exciting!!

Riley Blake Isabella Charm Pack

I won an Isabella Charm Pack from Sarah at Fabric Seeds.  I got them in the mail on Friday!!!
I won a layer cake of Sunny Day From Kiera at Its Sew KikiI got them in the mail today!!!  This is my first time to have flannel.  No idea what to do with it.  Do I treat it just like my regular cottons?  Do I combine it with the regular cottons, or do I need to use all flannel for my quilts?  Guess I need to check into that.

I won these beautiful hexies from Angela at Country Scrap Quilts.  Aren't they breathtakingly lovely?  I've not gotten into the Yo-Yo or Hexie craze yet.  Maybe this is the little kick I need to get me started.  My granddaughter will tell you in a flash that her favorite color is PINK.  Now I've got to find a Hexie pattern - something that looks complicated but is really easy.  Ha-Ha!   (now how come I got some of my comments to go to the right-hand side of the photo and for the life of me I can't get this one to go there?  Go figure!)

Anybody know of a Yo-Yo giveaway?  Ha-Ha!  I've got a breathtakingly adorable (or at least it is to me) wall hanging of a Christmas tree done with Yo-Yos, and I need something to push me over the edge to take that next step.  Anybody know about a blogger that has some Yo-Yos they're putting in a giveway?  If I could win some of those soon, I could work on that wall hanging.  If I started on it now, I might be finished with it by Christmas.  I've held onto that Yo-Yo Christmas Tree wall hanging pattern for over five years and haven't started trying to make one yet.

sewing-room-socail-fabI won a charm pack and a couple of fat quarters of Jacquelynne's "Sewing Room Social" fabric line from Sandi at A Legacy of Stitches.

So....guess I need to go buy some lottery tickets.  The way my luck seems to be going the last few days, it looks like Lady Luck is on my side.   Woo-Hoo!!

Have you had any luck with giveaways lately?  Do you enter giveaways? 


Sarah Craig said...

You have been lucky lately! I won that same layer cake, which I cut up and used to make a pillow for my granddaughter. On your flannel question, I don't usually mix flannel and cottons in a quilt top, because flannel stretches and shrinks differently, but I will back a cotton quilt top with flannel, or bind a flannel quilt with a cotton. Your hexies are awesome, and I have seen a yo yo giveaway recently, but can't remember where! I enter lots of giveaways, and seem to go through spurts of winning - I was in a dry spell but recently won a few!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow...Lady luck is shining on you...and now you have 19 followers...xx

Shay said...

I'm so glad you had some wonderful luck come your way! (belated birthday gifts from the universe perhaps ?)

It's all so lovely. I cant help you on the flannels . Ive never used them .

Stray Stitches said...

Congrats on all of your wins!!! Looks like it's time to start creating. I have been lucky too - won two giveaways on Sunday!

quiltzyx said...

Congrats Deb! What a lovely treasure pile you have :D

I won & just received a cute book called "Baby-gami", all about how to swaddle infants & make carrying slings. I'm planning on giving it to one of my 'nieces' who recently had a baby girl.
I also won an awesome mini-quilt from Em at Em Celebrates! I just love it - she is so amazing!

Hope you win those yo-yos now too!! LOL

Shannon said...

How fun!! I love your wins. They look so cool. Looks like you have some fabric for some fun quilts.

Holly said...

Glad to see you've been lucky! It's so fun to win and it's fun to giveaway! Thanks for visiting me today and for entering my giveaway! Good luck darlin!

rubyslipperz said...

WOW! You ARE a lucky lady!! Great wins! such pretty colors...