Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day - and my screwed-up weekend

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms out in blog land.  I spent the weekend with my mother, daughter and granddaughter, and a good time was had by all.

We had a bit of a fiasco Saturday evening when we went out for dinner.  We went to a well-known steakhouse (there were 5 of us) and anything that could go wrong with our dinner did go wrong with our dinner.  It seemed to take forever to get waited on, and then it seemed to take forever before we got our salads.  And when the waitress brought our salads, she said our steaks were ready.  We told her we didn't want our steaks with our salads, and I said with all the customers they had at tables around us, there were bound to be others that ordered the same things we ordered, so please deliver our steaks to one of them, and not to us after it has been sitting under the heat lamp.  Well, long story short - our steaks were delivered and nope, they hadn't been sitting under the heat lamp.  They were cold.  My daughter and I had them re-heat our steaks.  My husband (who isn't particular), said he'd be okay with his.  Mom said she was too hungry to return hers.  Well...when they brought our re-heated steaks to us, my Mom had to return hers because it was so tough she couldn't even cut it.  So, needless to say, we had a miserable experience.  One redeeming fact - the manager came over and gave us our steak dinners free.  So all we had to pay for was an appetizer, four drinks and a child's meal.  I think it ended up costing less than $20.   The tip for the total of the meals (prior to the discount) was more than $20.   Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn't it? certainly made for a miserable dining experience. 

And then - the Pièce de résistance?  I had taken my expensive camera with me to take photos while we were at dinner.  I didn't expect the restaurant to be that full at 5pm, so taking photos wasn't exactly an option.  So I never used my camera.  So....when we got home, I was going to take some photos.  Surprise!!  No camera.  Panic mode.  Panic mode.  I go out and check under the seats of the car.  I call my daughter.  I call the restaurant.  I drive back to the restaurant.  I talk with the manager.  The waitress.  I look under the booth where we sat.  No camera.  So I start crying.  Over a camera.  I didn't fall asleep until early in the morning.  I was so upset.  I told my mom I shouldn't own anything that makes me get that upset about when it's lost or missing.  I was so depressed. 

This morning, my daughter came over with the camera.  She said someone she knew in the restaurant had seen us leave it, and they called her and had returned it.  I spent a pretty sleepless night worrying about something I shouldn't have worried about.  A camera. 

This was a lesson well-learned.  I don't want to sweat the small stuff.  Not ever again.  Never.

I definitely had my priorities screwed up.  Am I a total idjit or what??


Shay said...

I would have been stressing out about the camera too. Those things are expensive to replace. Im glad yours was returned.

Your dinner sounds like one I had a few years ago for my Mum's birthday. Worst meal ever. Thank goodness we dont do tips here in Australia because they wouldnt have got a red cent.

Thank goodness you're home in one piece eh?

Stray Stitches said...

Your dinner experience is exactly why we no longer go out to eat on Mother's Day. It is always too crowded and the service is poor. I'd much rather stay at home and enjoy bbq or even have something delivered. So glad you got your camera back.