Monday, May 9, 2011

H2H Quilt progress

Crud - I had hoped to have photos here.  I've gone through all kind of gyrations today to get them saved so I could post them.  I had a friend take a photo of the fabrics with her cell phone.  She sent them to my phone.  I then forwarded them to my DD2.  She then forwarded them to my e-mail.  And then this evening, I went to a neighbors house and used her computer saved the photo so I could then post it.  It wouldn't let me insert the image!  The only thing I figure that the problem can be is the file is a .zip file.  I saved it as a .pdf file, but the system still wouldn't let me link it to this post.  Crud!

Update:  I meant to say I had saved the .zip file as a .jpg file.  I said I saved it as a .pdf file.  Duh!  Stupid!


I was up until 3 a.m. this morning working on the H2H charity quilt. For some crazy reason I couldn't sleep, and after about 30 minutes of unsuccessful attempts to get to sleep, I decided, "What the heck..I'll work on the quilt."

So that's what I did. Remember this post where I said " Since I have to measure three times to cut that one time, and I already know I'm running short with my fabric, I can't take a chance and screw up." I should have re-read that post. I definitely should have re-read that post.

The H2H quilt is going to have 9-patch quilt blocks. Before my trip to Augusta, I had cut the strips for the colors I was using in the 9-patch blocks. Last night, since I couldn't sleep, I sewed the strips together and got them pressed. Then I went back to bed. Since I didn't fall asleep again, I got up and pressed the seams on the strips. Then I went back to bed again. Still couldn't sleep, so got up again. This time, I cut the strips into smaller pieces which would then be sewn to make the 9-patch block. I guess I should be thankful I made it this far before I screwed up. Like I said, the fabric is already at a premium because I was cutting it close with the measurements. Well - I may have to get a little experimental (which I'm not very good at doing), because I had all 25 of the 9-patch quilt blocks cut out when I realized I hadn't measured correctly. I guess doing all of this in the middle of the night due to sleep deprivation probably contributed a lot to the problem. Instead of cutting the long 3-fabric strips into 2.5" strips, I cut them into 6.5" strips. That doesn't sound that bad, huh? Well - that means I lost 1.5" of fabric on each and every block. So...that means I lost 37.5" of fabric that was already at a premium. And unfortunately, I don't have enough fabric to finish the quilt the way it was designed.

I hope I don't end up screaming like a wild woman, cuz I'm really upset with myself. I'm working on an idea and trying to figure out if it will work. I'll know after I get all the blocks sewn together. I haven't quite got that "vision" some of the quilters have where they can visualize things. I can't visualize anything. I have to get it all assembled, and if it works, great! If it doesn't, oh crap! I hope what I'm thinking about works, because it may be just the deviation from the norm that makes my fabric shortage provide some visual interest.

Keep your fingers crossed!


Sarah Craig said...

Just remember - sometimes the best quilt designs come from when we make mistakes! I'm sure it will all work out....

Shannon said...

Well just sew it together. It will be a great free form quilt. No matter how it looks who ever gets it will love it!! Hang in there!!

quiltzyx said...

First, for your photos - you need to save them as a .jpg file, then you should be able to post them.
Ugh! I totally understand what you mean about the cutting...I have learned to NEVER cut fabric after about 9 pm! Or when I'm sick. Or sometimes, I can't even cut after dark! LOL

I'm sure your improv-blocks will end up just fine!!! Good luck!

Barbara said...

I've been told my mistakes are humbling. Hah...hard to see anything good in them when they happen. I agree about saving photos as .jpg files. Try it next time.