Monday, April 11, 2011

In search of fabric (Roman Holiday) HELP!


HELP!!!!  I'm so new to all of this quilting stuff, and I'm learning things the hard way.  While in Germany, I started a quilt, and only bought enough fabric to make the quilt center.  Thank goodness I at least know the name of the fabric line I used. is my SOS...I need some Moda Three Sisters "Roman Holiday" fabric.  With a dark background.  Does anybody know where I can find some? 

I'm generally really pretty cool when it comes to searching on the internet for stuff, but I'm not having much luck with this search.

The pattern I used is the one above (Homeward Bound by Bloom Creek).  I've got the quilt center completed, but need to add the borders.  I have the light background for the outer border, but not the dark fabric for the inner border.  And I guess if I can find the fabric, I'll use the same fabric for the backing.  A FQ, jelly roll or charm pack won't help - I need yardage.  I've found some yardage here, but I'm not willing to pay $22/yd.  I'm not one to buy things from eBay, so that isn't an option.  And would also prefer a location in the US instead of international.  I'm thinking 4-1/2 yards will work.

I probably don't have everything I need listed in this posting, but we've got severe thunderstorm warnings and an awful storm has already caused damage in Georgia already, so I'm going to sign off and cut this laptop off.  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


Shannon said...

There is some on ebay. Not sure if it is what you are looking for. Try this link to see if they have it,;jsessionid=A90644FFF4910BB35E00BCBB96130B24.qscstrfrnt06
or try,

Good luck. I hope you find it.

quiltzyx said...

Have you tried searching here:

Good luck!