Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'll be away a few more days

Since my 5-year old granddaughter is here with me, blogging is non-existent.

I'm also going to be checking into purchasing a laptop soon, so hopefully I'll have some photos to post in the near future.

I've missed blogging.  Even if I didn't do it often, it had started to become a part of "me", and I really miss it.  And I miss those of you that would leave me comments.  They are very much appreciated.  And I read them often.  It just makes my heart go pitter-patter thinking you took those precious moments to leave me a comment.  My purpose in starting this blog wasn't about readers, or commenters, or followers, it was about wanting to put my thoughts down so I could come back later and revisit memories.  Readers, commenters and followers are just super, duper icing on the cake!

I've enjoyed this time with my granddaughter.  I can't believe a 5-year old doesn't like to go places.  She wants to stay in the house all the time.  I know that's what she does when she's back home.  She goes to school, and after school, her mom (my daughter) picks her up and takes her to her grandmother’s house (my mother) and she stays there until my daughter gets off work around 10:00 that evening.  My mother is partially bedridden, so my granddaughter doesn't get to go outside much, and pretty much watches TV, plays her Nintendo or colors and puts together puzzles.  I was so excited to have her here with me.  I had sent out SOS notes to co-workers and friends trying to find out what kind of things were available in Atlanta for a 5-year old to do for fun (that were free or relatively inexpensive).  My granddaughter had asked about going swimming, and I found an indoor swimming pool for us to visit.  We went Tuesday and haven't been back yet.  She HATES to have her hair combed (it's down to her shoulders), and we argue about the fact that she needs to have it combed.  So can you see a reason there as to why we aren't going swimming?  Yep, gotta have it combed before we leave so we can put it in a pony tail or braided, and then gotta wash it, then gotta comb it again.  Wow!  No siree, evidently she doesn't like swimming THAT much! 

So, do you want to know what she has done every single day since she has been with me?  She has played games on this darn computer – she knows all those websites – PBSKids, Barbie, Sesame Street, Disney, NickJr.  Hours and hours and hours of doing nothing but sitting here in front of this computer.  Hmmm…that sounds kinda like what I do every day.  But I’m not 5 years old.  I’ve tried to put my foot down and stand firm about us going outside, playing with bubbles, flying the kite, anything.  But nope, she wants to play games on the computer.  So you know what?  I’ve only got her one week.  And I am NOT going to have her think I’m a wicked witch because I’m not letting her do what she wants to do.  I’m a grandmother for goodness sake – I’m supposed to spoil her.  And again…it’s just one week.  So I’ve let her do what she wants to do.  No hair brushing (I’m finger-combing it and putting it in a pony tail).  No swimming.  No restriction from the computer/internet.  I’m hugging her and kissing her and spoiling her.  It’s my one week with her, and I’m going to let her do what she wants.  And I’m going to love and kiss her while I’ve got her.

So I've had her since Friday evening, and I'll be taking her home (to Augusta) tomorrow.  I'll stay in Augusta and leave early Sunday morning for my drive back here to Atlanta.  The Masters Golf Tournament is going on in Augusta, so it's going to be a madhouse trying to get around town while I'm there.  Our house is less than 2 miles from one of the entrances to the tournament, so it's not as if we can just ignore the traffic.  But if I can get out early enough Sunday morning, I can avoid a lot of the traffic.  Hopefully! 

I've missed you, and probably won't be able to come out here and blog until I return on Sunday.

I've got a few things I'd like to post.  I've won a few giveaways this past week, and that in itself is awesome.  I usually don't have good luck with giveaways, and to win several in a week or so - unbelievable!

Hope this wasn’t too disjointed.  I’ve got a 5-year old tugging on my arm wanting “her” computer back so she can play games.  And I’m not one to deny this little angel.

Have a great weekend y’all.  I’ll hopefully talk here again on Sunday.


quiltzyx said...

Go outside and PLAY!!!
How many times did you hear that when you were a kid? I know I sure heard it a LOT! lol

Maybe next time you could figure out some crafty stuff, so at least she isn't staring at the computer all day long.

Enjoy her as much as you can & we'll see you when you get back. :D

Stray Stitches said...

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun. We'll be here when your granddaughter has to go home. Enjoy your time with her.