Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm probably doing a lot of damage...

Ankle Update:  It’s still hurting from my fall on September 5th, but I can tell there is progress every day.  By the time I get home from work, all I want to do is elevate my foot, so no progress has been made on any sewing projects.  I don’t miss sewing, and that concerns me.  I’m hoping the quilt bug will bite me and I’ll be ready to sew once my ankle cooperates.  Please Lord!

Now, as far as the damage I may be doing:  I know I’m a blogaholic (is that even a word?)

I knew I had a problem with the number of blogs I subscribe to, because I asked questions about Google Reader here.

I went to visit family over the weekend, and had 1,200+ blog updates to read when I returned.  All of that in only three days.  Three.  Days.  OMG!  I knew I had been spending too many hours each evening reading blog updates.

I've been busy “unsubscribing” to blogs since yesterday.  And I'm tired. 

So - for the 36 of you that follow me, please let me know if I have unknowingly unsubscribed to your blog.  Because I'm starting to go a little crazy with this unsubscribe business, and I've decided I'm going to whittle this down (hopefully) to a small number of blogs, and that's (hopefully) where it will stay. 

In the meantime, I'll be busy for the next few days.  Because I know I unsubscribed to some blogs last night, but yet I'm having updates from them today and they're back in my Google Reader listing.  I know I unsubscribed at the GFC button on their blog (or on the Blog Management page within my blog), and I also unsubscribed with the drop-down within Google Reader.  So evidently something isn't working right.  Dear Lord, please tell me I haven't devoted all of these hours to unsubscribe and it hasn't worked. 

Guess I better scoot so I can see what's going on -- wish me luck!


Shannon said...

I don't see you in my blog list. I understand about cutting out some blogs. Mostly I go through and the ones that have not updated in a while get the ax. I am talking over a month. But you are still here. I am glad that your ankle is getting better. That right now is more important than sewing. Hang in there.

Holly said...

I did the same thing. Took me over an hour to remove from Google reader and two days later, they were all back. Figured it out finally, will email you the details.

quiltzyx said...

I have a lot of blogs on my list too, but I don't read all of them on a regular basis. Some I just scan, several I always read.
Looks like you're still subscribed to my blog. I'm not too hard to keep up with, since I don't post every day! lol

Did you get to see Wicked or was your ankle too uncooperative?

Debra Spincic said...

It takes a huge amount of effort just to keep up! I have a very small group I read and it suits me just fine.

I hope your ankle is indeed getting better. I assume you are still seeing a doctor.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean - if I let it go for too long my blog list is overwhelming. I also use Reader, and I sort some of my blog list into folders. That way if I can't make it through the whole list, I can just look at the "Must Reads" folder.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

You can unsubscribe to your followers too...its YOUR reading list...and we have ours.

Unsubscribing is a pain. Even if you unsubscribe it comes right back. You have to go to the blog and actually 'stop following'. You click on the "follow" button up top and then it will say you already follow this blog and will ask if you want to stop following. If you don't then it is still in your blogger...and reader will pick it up all over again.

Anonymous said...

Nope! You wasted your time. I have tried and tried to unsubscribe from several blogs in my GFC queue and to no avail. I still get updates and such. Why are Blogger and Google so stupid?? ;-) You are my fav new blog that I subscribed to! I'm a blogoholic, too!

quilthexle said...

Oh wow - major work was done over at your house, hmm? Google reader CAN be very overwhelming ... after two weeks of vacation, I just said "mark everything as read that's older as one day". That gets the number of unread posts down to a number I can bear ;-)) Hope you did not drop me !! I would miss you over here ;-)