Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yes, ice, ice baby. got it.   We have ice everywhere.  Slippery, hazardous ice.  If it was just snow, we'd be okay.  But all of us here in the South - we're not used to getting all this.  Snow is fine.  But start throwing ice in the equation, and we're up the creek.  Without a paddle.  Without a life jacket.

I've had the TV on all day, and it was so strange watching all of the interstates that were closed, or only had one lane operating, all the exit ramps that were closed, all the 18-wheelers that had jack-knifed and slid into other cars and 18-wheelers.  All the empty shelves in the grocery stores.  All the people stranded at the bus stations and airport.

This is the third day I haven't had to go to work.  Hubby is about to go crazy cooped up inside, but I'm as content as can be.  I haven't even walked into the sewing room, much less picked up one of my UFOs to make some much-needed progress.  The office "encouraged" us to work from home, so I did.  It was very, very, very DULL at times because it seemed like I was the only one working.  I found plenty of work to occupy my time today, and actually worked later than my normal hours.  I could get used to this!   And was work for the office.

You know?  I'm still finding it awkward to write these posts.  I'm not sure when it's going to get easier.  Will it be when I actually have someone that reads them and makes comments?  Will it be when I get over the awkward feeling that I'm out in public with my underwear showing?  I'm not writing a blog to talk about my quilting (mainly because I never seem to do any quilting), to make friends (although that would be great), to keep from being bored (I am NEVER bored), to "escape" (from what???), so can't really figure out why I want to blog.  Maybe it's more to keep up with ME.  Me and my thoughts.  Me and my ramblings.  Me capturing the moments of my life that I want to remember down the road.  I hope I fiigure out what I'm wanting from this blog and can start to feel comfortable.   Cuz it really feels weird right now.

In the meantime, I'm content to sit here, watch all those crazies out on the interstate battling Mother Nature and the ice she has dropped here in our corner of the world, and thank the Good Lord I don't have to worry about driving to work.  I can sit here with my favorite friend (Mr. Dell Laptop) and converse with nobody while I'm trying to get comfortable with my new blog.  Thank you again, Cheryll.  For at least letting me spread my wings and try this.  I'm not sure if I'll continue with this, but at least you've given me the opportunity to explore my options.


Cheryll said...

Hey girl! I read your blog and am so proud of you! We all have to start somewhere and you're doing a great job. I just can't wait to see pics of your quilty creativenessess! Stay safe and warm!

Cheryll said...